New Fileworking Video By Dwayne Dushane
 Brought to you in association with Center Cross Instructional Video's


I've always loved handmade knives and guns and have always loved fine embellishing
on them. I've worked with Gene Osborn and Rich Brown to bring you a video
to help
 you understand more about three of my most popular
types of filework.
I hope you enjoy what we've put together concerning
Vine type, Rope type,
 & "S" type filework. The Video or DVD is
2hrs 13mins in length showing you
 step by step how to do these three patterns of 
filework to enhance the appearence
 of your work. Some people are reluctant
to add filework to there knives for fear of
 messing up. I'll show you easy step by step
moves to do the filework in a way that
anyone should be able to understand what
I'm doing.We've also included information
for the files used in these three patterns and where to purchase them. Thank you
for your time and intrest in Dushane Handmade Knives.

To order just contact me and I'll get a copy out to you as soon as
possible in the format of your choice. Price is $35.00 plus $5.00 S&H
payable by personal check, money order, or paypal.

Dwayne Dushane
1010 NW 2nd
Andrews, TX 79714

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